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AB (Ambitious Bitch)

Multimedia dive into femininity.
Cd-rom, PC.  Languages English/French.
Published 1996, editions 1998 and 2008.
Order AB


Ambitious Bitch is a contemporary Western woman: well-educated, witty, understanding but demanding, fighting against old role models but always ready to laugh – even at herself. She may be a man-eater but definitely not a man-hater!

Ambitious Bitch, distinctively combining art, research and technology, is a visual and intellectually playful outlook on Western femininity of our times.

The many faces of femininity (and feminism) are revealed with sharp quotes by contemporary icons ranging from Mae West to Madonna, from Alexandra Kollontai to Vivienne Westwood. The playful sound design and excellent graphics add to the joy of discovery.

Ambitious Bitch has been rewarded e.g. at Prix Ars Electronica and Prix Möbius International competitions and has received outstanding reviews in the press all over the world. 

 “The queen of multimedia,  a cult cd-rom for women” – Vogue (Germany).

”Simone de Beauvoir aurait sans doute apprécié Ambitious Bitch. A offrir d'urgence.”
– Elle (France)

”Ambitious Bitch is deeply Finnish: assertive, deceptively simple and technologically advanced, A sort of a computer game with attitude.” – The Japan Times (Japan)

“One of the most exciting and provocating cd-roms I have seen” – Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)

”Clever animation and bold colourful graphics match this playful structure...”
– ID-International Design Magazine (USA)


Ambitious Bitch offers eleven points of view into femininity. This interactive work contains material for an adventure of about two hours. The interface has been designed specifically for women.

“Body - Art of Existence” - This is my body, this is my software"

“Female Perversions” - Stunning stories by seven weird ladies

“Sex or Gender?” - Do you really know who you are?

“Ambitious Witch” - See your feminine past, present and future

“Erotic Tales” - Dive into the secret world of female arousal

“Waves of Feminism” - Modern, postmodern and feminisms in a nutshell

“Ambitious Blonde” - Hear the latest blonde jokes told by the Blonde Herself

“Bubbles” - Flea market of the ideas about femininity

“Female Qualities?” - Wise but vain? Responsible yet passive? Illogical and emotional?

“Fashion, Designers!” - Express yourself! Authorities of the female image

“trad.wit” - Proverbs about women