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The Accordion Man

Animation film / Music video (3)
DVD, 13 min, 11 sec
Titles: English and Finnish

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Marita Liulia and accordion wizard Kimmo Pohjonen are known for  their unusual stage collaborations. In their first animation film (or music video in three parts),  the musician wakes up as an accordion. Merciless timepieces tick but there are no limits for the man and the music...


Marita Liulia – directing, manuscript, photography, graphic design, production
Kimmo Pohjonen – composer, musician, actor
Jacke Kastelli – manuscript, animation, programming
Saara Salmi – image manipulation, animations
Antti Murto & Kimmo Pohjonen, Finnvox, Helsinki – mixing
Pauli Saastamoinen - mastering



Joint production partners

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE / Sari Volanen
AVEK / Milla Moilanen
Art Council of Finland