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A media art work on (Finnish) modernism from postemodern point of view.
Maire was among the first art works in the world published in Cd-rom format.

Installation version 1993, Cd rom published 1994, 2nd edition 1999.
PC / MAC. Languages: English & Finnish.
Sold out.


”The aim was to combine art, technology and science." This slogan was formulated in the 1930's by the Finnish arch-modernists Maire Gullichsen and architect Alvar Aalto. It is also an apt description of Maire cd-rom. Maire presents a cheerful postmodern look at modernism, the movement which would become a dramatic influence in Finland. Maire follows the evolution of modernism from the 30's to the present day.

The main menu of Maire is based on Ernst Mether-Borgström’s painting “Rosa”
There are many paths to Maire: you can search for gems in the modernist flea market, take a plunge into art theory, wander inside the mazes of contemporary critizism, listen to the thoughts of the artists themselves, or browse through a collection of 88 major modernist works of art. One intriguing path is dedicated to Maire Gullichsen who played a pioneering role in giving modernism a foothold in Finland.


Criticism: Praise and scorn from contemporary critics
Theory: Defining modernism: interpretations from Baudelaire to Baudrillard
The Flea Market of Modernism
88 works of art by modernists
Artists: Thoughts from some of the most important modernists
Maire Gullichsen: The life, influence and enterprises of a Finnish pioneer of modernism