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SOB (Son of a Bitch)

Multimedia dive into men's world.
Cd-rom, PC. Languages English/French.
Published 1999. Editions 2003 and 2008.

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“After a long immersion in women’s issues, and after having finished Ambitious Bitch, I turned my gaze toward men. What was happening to MEN while women were fighting for their rights, exploring new areas and writing ”herstory”? Is our concept of men and masculinity also changing?” Marita Liulia

SOB takes you to the virtual apartment of Jack L. Froid, a psychoanalyst specialized in masculinity. The man himself has disappeared, but his discoveries on the modern man offer information, insight and contemporary points of view.

Inside SOB, similar to a computer game, the user is guided by Esco, a mixture of virtual servant and mobile phone. After a four-hour-long interactive journey you will have gained more understanding of the kings and clowns of  humankind...

"SOB is a comprehensive work of art in which different forms of media intertwine with the content to form a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. SOB can be recommended to anyone - except to those without a sense of humour."
­– Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)


“The Art of Being a Man” – How to communicate with women.
“Forget Freud, Ignore Lacan” – Dr. Froid’s life story and theories.
“Violence”– Face the dangers of male roles and grab the gun!
“Penis and Sex”– Face the reality...
“Life and Death in Venice” – Romance in Venice
”Man´s wardrobe” – Who discovered T-shirt and jeans? When is a swallowtail needed?
“The Ideal Male 2000” – Do you measure up?
“Fe/male bodies” – Explore the (in)differences between men and women.
“The Jackpot of Male Life” – Play the game and face their reality.
“Fathers and Sons” – Listen to true stories and sneak into the analysis.
“Decline of Patriarchy” – A tragicomedy by four generations of men.
“Let the Devil himself boost your masculinity!” – Bolster your male ego.