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Marita Liulia Tarot

Tarot art productions includes:
- touring museum exhibition
(78 original art works,  interactive multimedia, history of tarot, video)
- Tarot package, printed cards and Tarot Manual
- Tarot book, written by Marita Liulia & Tiina Porthan, (Teos 2004, 2009)
- mobile phone versions 2000 and 2006

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Marita Liulia Tarot is a combination of art & culture, entertainment and technology.

Tarot is a popular fortune telling cards game which originated in Northern Italy around 600 years ago. The visually layered cards represent archetypal human figures, and the main events of human life, from birth to death. When played, the cards are organized into tables, each dealing with a specific issue. The aim of the game is to better understand one self, others, and changing life situations. In principle, Tarot functions in a similar way than art does, and it has always fascinated artists and researchers.

Since 2000, Marita Liulia Tarot has evolved into a multilingual, exceptionally large artwork. It is designed for different media users. ”Art is communication for me and I want to communicate with people of my time and naturally use the media of the time as well.”

The Tarot exhibition has toured in Italy, Belgium, Japan, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, Thailand and Canada. Around 5000 copies of Marita Liulia Tarot cards decks are sold worldwide. The multilingual web site is one of the most popular in the world (600 000 visitors 2010).


”All has been composed with the elegance of an aesthetic perfectionist.”
Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

”The images they bear striking combinations of photography and computer enchangement...her website is an interactive delight.”
The Nation, Thailand

“Self-composed and highly skilled Liulia is nonetheless passionately interested in human beings and possesses a strong sense of beauty. She is a multi person.”
Asahi Shimbun, Japan

“These Tarots are born from an allience of ancient suggestions and new technologies...” La Repubblica, Italy

“The creativity and imagination of the Finnish artist are always present in this reinterpretation...”
Il Giornale D´Italia