Marita Liulia´s original art works

MedeiaStore offers high-quality art works of Marita Liulia to customers all over the world at a friendly prize. Friendly prizing is possible because there are no art dealers between the artist and the audience. Discount is 30-50%.


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Choosing My Religion

Choosing My Religion - Uskontoja jäljittämässä

A coffee table book about the major world religions seen through the eyes of the media artist. Will be published in February 10 2009 by publishing company Maahenki. 300 pages hardcover book includes over 150 high quality photographs and art works.

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Marita Liulia Tarot

Marita Liulia Tarot

The package incudes 78 high-quality Tarot cards and a Manual with interpretations (English, Italian, French). Includes a personal code to access all services at popular Brilliant art work & exclusive package make Tarot an excellent gift. Already 5000 copies sold worldwide!

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Accordion Man

The Accordion Man

Marita Liulia ”queen of multimedia” and accordion wizard Kimmo Pohjonen are known for their unusual stage collaborations. In their first animation film the musician wakes up as an accordion. Merciless timepieces tick but there are no limits for the man and the music...

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Son of The Bitch (SOB)

CD ROM / PC. SOB is an art work and a kind of computer game with content. After a four-hour-long interactive journey you will have gained more understanding of the kings and clowns of humankind. SOB can be recommended to anyone - except to those without a sense of humour." Helsingin Sanomat. 3rd edition 2008. Languages English and French.

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Ambitious Bitch (AB)

The Queen of Multimedia! Ambitious Bitch cd-rom is a dive into the world of women and femininity. Awards incl. Prix Ars Electronica and Prix Möbius International. “Cult cd-rom for Women” – Vogue.
“You gotta get this! “– Elle. “One of the most exciting and provocating cd-roms I have seen” – Dagens Nyheter.. Languages: English/French. Version: 2. edition, Mac/PC.

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Ambitious Bitch is a contemporary Western woman: well-educated, witty, understanding but demanding, fighting against old role models but always ready to laugh – even at herself. She may be a man-eater but definitely not a man-hater!

Ambitious Bitch is a visual update of western femininity at the turn of the millennium. It presents the magical multitudes of femininity and a new way to approach women: through self-irony, randy wit and quirky brilliance.

Ambitious Bitch communicates with challenging visuality, rich audiospace and an original navigating system. Bad taste & high culture, dirty jokes & science. Equipped with humour and wit, she’s the queen of multimedia!

“Body - Art of Existence” - This is my body, this is my software"
“Female Perversions” - Stunning stories by seven weird ladies
“Sex or Gender?” - Do you really know who you are?
“Ambitious Witch” - See your feminine past, present and future
“Erotic Tales” - Dive into the secret world of female arousal
“Waves of Feminism” - Modern, postmodern and feminisms in a nutshell “Ambitious Blonde” - Hear the latest blonde jokes told by the Blonde Herself “Bubbles” - Flea market of the ideas about femininity
“Female Qualities?” - Wise but vain? Responsible yet passive? Illogical and emotional?
“Fashion, Designers!” - Express yourself! Authorities of the female image
“trad.wit” - Proverbs about women

Technical specifications
Mac/PC English/French PC: Pentium-processor (120 Mhz or higher), 16 Mb RAM, 4X CD-rom, Windows 95 / 98 / NT, Thousands of colours (16 bit), Quicktime for Windows, Soundblaster compatible sound card
MAC: PowerPc-processor, 16 Mb RAM, 4X CD-rom, System 7.1 or higher, Thousands of colours (16 bit)

Trio Bundle

Trio Bundle

Get Marita Liulia´s all major works for a special bundle price. Bundle includes Tarot, SOB and Ambitious Bitch. Marita Liulia is an awarded visual artist and pioneer of multimedia. She combines art, research and technology with brilliant visuals and spices it up with humour.

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